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The Seattle Times reported today that home price has exceeded 2007 levels in some neighborhoods.  Overall in King County the home median price is only 5% shy of the peak.  Half of the 30 submarkets in King county were either 5% below the peak or above the peak.  Home prices in the Central Area were up 10-20% according to the Seattle Times.  They are going by all price levels though and including brand new construction.  My own research indicated that median price per foot in the Central Area for pre-owned houses less than $800k has gone up 11% since last year.  That is following a 15% increase from the year before.   That would mean that home prices in the Central area are about 5% below the peak in 2007. … [Read More...]


Here is a grid of the downpayment assistance programs from WA State. This link is a PDF file : Down Payment Assistance Programs  You don't have to be low income or a first time home buyer to get hassle free  down payment help from the state.  If you make less than $97,000 a year you can get  4% of the purchase price from the state under Home Advantage.  Remember to call me if you need a Realtor in Seattle.  Contact me for the name of a mortgage broker with these programs. … [Read More...]